Hi out there! My name is Joshua Christian Drewlow, I'm a 9270 days old Software Engineer from Switzerland. Currently I am doing a bachelors degree in Medical Informatics at the Bern University of Applied Sciences. Because money doesn't fall from sky, I work as a ramp agent for dnata Switzerland at the Zurich Airport and I tutor German and math at primary school level.

I'm also a passionated hobby photagrapher, choir singer and bicycle rider.

I speak German, English, Russian, French and lovely Schwizärdütsch (spoiled German with Swiss ingenuity).
My programming skills: websites, databases, Java, Android-Apps
→ A simple patient record application for a doctor. (To be enhanced, Schoolproject, April 2018)
Login & password: house MyPatientsBank

→ Assambling and Programming of a Mindstorms roboter in technical school (2013)

Documentation Informatiker EFZ (2013)
I played the main role in a short documentation film about software engineering for a job information site (10min version)

more description

a web project I created for an exam in technical school (2013)

personal photoblog

→ Translating a pretty big book!
My dad wrote a 300 page family history book in German. With my brother we are translating it to English, so relatives over sea can read it.

→ L'autre côté de Paris - The other side of Paris. A music video for my sisters graduation.