Hi out there! My name is Joshua Christian Drewlow, I'm a 24 years old Software Engineer from Switzerland. Working with people, coordinating creative, inspiring and fun projects is my favorite thing to do. Click on projects to see whats going on.
Currently I am working as a project manager @ Open Languages and as a Software Tester @ Ergon Informatik AG.

When my laptop runs out of power or landed two meters below my window, you probably find me with my family, hiking in our beautiful mountains looking for a genious chocolate recipe, taking pictures, doing family history research, drawing, cooking and serving in my church community.

I speak Russian, German, English, French and lovely Schwizärdütsch (spoiled German with Swiss ingenuity).

In September 2016 I am going to start my bachelor study in Medicine Informatics in Biel, Switzerland.
Here a list of some projects I am working on:

Mormon Tabernacle Choir @ Hallenstadion
With a small team I support the event that is coming up at 6th July this year. The choir has 360 singers and tons of instruments of course. Get a ticket on Ticketcorner!

→ Translating a pretty big book!
My dad wrote a 300 page family history book in German. With my brother we are translating it to English, so relatives over sea can read it.

a personal photoblog

Every day a Scripture
special verses from the holy scriptures and spiritual thoughts every day (working on it..)

Angelo's Blumengeschäft
website for a friend's flower business


From September 2013 until September 2015 I served a volunteer mission in Ukraine for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (Mormon.org). Stories on my blog. (Currently down)

Documentation Informatiker EFZ
I played the main role in a short documentation film about software engineering (watch the 10min version)
more description

JAE Fiesch Tagung 2013
website for a church camp, summer 2013

a school project